Emerald is one of the most valuable stones found in nature. A member of the beryl family with the element chromium giving it its distinctive green colour. First mined in Egypt at the Cleopatra mine, Emeralds have long been valued and desired as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Today the country most associated with emerald is Columbia, through the Columbians' domination of world markets ceased when mines were discovered in Africa and in other parts of the world. Pliny, the first century traveller and explorer wrote about Emerald that "no other stone has a colour more pleasing to the human eye." Emerald is believed to strengthen the heart, liver and kidneys, and supposedly calms the mind and relieves eye-strain. We carry a large range of Emeralds in stock in all sizes from 1mm round, along with ovals, pear shapes, marquise, square, baguette, trillion, etc. We keep several qualities ranging from the commercial at a few pounds per carat/stone to fine gem qualities at £1000per ct . Please contact us with your requirements, or send a sample for us to match, and we will quote you for that particular quality.
Location --Columbia, Russia, Africa, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, India. Group - Beryl R. I. - 1.571– 1.595 DR Hardness - 7

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