Aquamarine is a beryl, the same family as emerald. The most sought after colour is darkish blue, similar to that of a light sapphire. The colour of the stone is due to the presence of iron, whilst the emerald takes its colour from the chromium content of the mineral. As a desirable gemstone it has thrown up a number of imitators, the most common of these being blue topaz, although pieces of glass in an aqua colour of at least 2000 years old were found in Israel, and as recently as fifty years ago, glass was the only man-made imitation. Aquamarine is supposed to calm coughs, and is a physical, mental and emotional balancer. It is also said to aid learning about the inner self and universal truths. Location - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Africa, India, Russia, Sri Lanka. Group - Beryl R.I. - 1.560-1.600 DR Hardness - 7.7

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