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Amber is the fossilised resin of the pine tree 'Pinus succinifera' formed some 50 million years ago in the Eocene period. It has been used since prehistoric times for jewellery and it is valued because of its high lustre and the interesting inclusions it sometimes contains. Flies and other small insects, as well as leaves and fibres give Amber some of its distinctive characteristics. Much of the Amber on the market is treated to enhance its appearance. To produce the 'sun-spangles' popular today, the amber is heated in rapeseed oil. The oil penetrates the air spaces in the material, increases the clarity and forms the spangles. Amber can also be stained, particularly from pale yellow to orange or green. It should be noted that green Amber is actually very pale yellow amber with a coloured backing. Location - Rumania, Poland, USA, Canada, Dominican Republic Group - Amber R.I. - 1.54 Hardness - 2-2.5

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