Sapphire is a crystallised auluminium oxide, and has exactly the same chemical composition as ruby. Only small amounts of colouring trace elements separate them. Sapphires come in varying qualities from the dark, blackish blue usually sourced from Australia, to the beautiful cornflower blue of the Sri Lankan stones. As well as differing qualities, Sapphire can be found in many colours - pink, yellow, lilac, green, white, and even orange. In traditional blue sapphires we hold a large range of materials from Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. We stock an extremely wide selection of shapes and sizes, too numerous to catalogue, but include round (traditional & brilliant cut), oval, emerald-cut, marquise, pear, trillion, triangle, square (carrie-cut & princess), baguette, taper, cushion, and many other fancy cuts. Because of the variety available it is always best to contact us with your exact needs, which we are confident we will be able to satisfy. We also stock a large selection of fancy coloured Sapphires in standard sizes including: pink, yellow, green, purple, orange & white, as well as many unique colours in 'free' sizes and fancy cuts.

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